Tentang Saya

Who am i ?
My full name is Aldrin Rachman Pradana and my nick name is Aldrin , I was born in South Hulu Sungai Regency in South Borneo, my mother from South Borneo and my father from Jakarta .

Aldrin is a man who loves farming, make a video or take a photo, travelling, cat lover , collecting moneys, diecast, and many unique accessories. I always buy something in every trip like unique accessories to decorate my room in my home.

Now I'm living in Malang, but usually I go back to South Hulu Sungai Regency in Borneo Island or go back to Jakarta or Bekasi to meet my families there.

My motivation in my life is "We Learn as long as We Live" so let's learn about new challenge in front of our eye, because life without skill is nothing and do more than just exist.

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